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Who are we?

Pond Hopper is a team of sales leaders that are here to help you launch new products, enter new markets and drive top-line growth!

Our team has decades of sales and marketing experience, selling over $500 million in product across the globe. With innovative startups, we help your business move from prototype to consistent, recurring orders.

Whether you are looking for a short-term partner or someone to manage your commercialization strategy for the foreseeable future, Pond Hopper will create a custom program that aligns with your corporate goals. 

For a free consultation, reach out our team at info@pondhopperus.com today.


“Bayside Operations Technology is incredibly happy to have partnered with Pond Hopper. Pond Hopper brings discipline and a calculated strategy for every prospective account. Within each account, they develop a persona for each of the key buying influences and a tailored selling strategy for each individual stakeholder. This strategy stretches across every word that is typed in an email, said over the phone, and spoken in a face-to-face meeting.  It's easy to see that their team has been involved in healthcare enterprise sales for decades given the network of people they have introduced us to. We're looking forward to achieving higher levels of success with Pond Hopper by our side.”


"MIRA Rehab is a digital health company active in the areas of physical therapy, active aging, and prevention. Its core product is MIRA, a software platform to gamify physical and cognitive exercises. MIRA Rehab is expanding its market reach and has partnered with Pond Hopper to drive growth and increased market acquisition. With extensive experience in sales processes for medical devices, as well as a solid background and knowledge of the US and International markets, Pond Hopper has been instrumental in devising a successful commercialization strategy to increase market adaption of MIRA and enable sustained growth for MIRA Rehab. Through a fantastic and highly available team, Pond Hopper has also been involved in training and knowledge transfer efforts to assist in further improving the business development team of MIRA Rehab. As a managing partner of MIRA Rehab, I am glad to have the opportunity to work with the team at Pond Hopper and am glad to recommend them and their services to other medical device companies and manufacturers."


How does it work?

Launching new product?

Your Pond Hopper Partner will evaluate your product and assist with preparation for launch (for example- we assist with regulatory in launching Medical Devices).

Next, we will build a custom go-to-market strategy which will include analysis of your market, building marketing materials, training sales professionals and managing the sales process.

Results will be tracked and monitored with a weekly report.

Entering new markets?

Expanding where you sell your product is a great way to quickly drive revenue.

Your Pond Hopper Partner has relationships with independent sales professionals across the globe. We will partner your business with the most qualified individuals and companies to drive sales.

This process will cost little to nothing out of pocket and with Pond Hopper managing results, there is no risk. Tap into Pond Hopper's existing relationships to drive sales.

Need to drive top-line growth?

Whether you have been in business for 10 minutes or 10 years, you should always be evaluating the health of your company. There is no better way to do that, than tracking sales data.

First and foremost, the team members at Pond Hopper are true sales leaders. We have the ability to train or re-train your team, build a custom sales strategy, track results and manage the sales process. 

A business that wins by accident, isn't actually winning. Let Pond Hopper build a custom sales and marketing strategy for you.


To learn more about Pond Hopper, fill out the information below and tell us a little about your company and products. One of our expert consultants will be in touch soon. We look forward to partnering with you.